The Good Author Series Launch x So(u)l Sessions with Anthea Ong

About the Good Authors series:

"If you want to change the world, pick up a pen and write", so said Martin Luther King. And that's exactly what our Good Authors have done. A Good Space is pleased to launch The Good Author Series that spotlights local authors who are themselves social changemakers and champion social issues through their writing.

Words create worlds, and books create a trace of history. Each author gives voice to issues as he/she sees it at that point in time. They told stories that may otherwise not have been heard. They challenge status quos and current social narratives.

These books become something we can come back to and we can see how far we’ve come when we look at it in the future: have things gotten better/worse? How has our mindset and culture changed? How did this book project contribute to these issues, what impact did it have? And more importantly, how has the author changed from writing the book?

The Good Author Series gives you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the author and/or the issues in unique ways, beyond the book. Each author will engage with you differently but each promises to be immersive and experiential.

Authors in the line-up may include Anthea Ong, 50 Shades of Love, Ng Kok Hoe (and Lim Jingzhou and Sammie Ng), They Told Us To Move: Dakota – Cassia, Teo You Yenn, This Is What Inequality Looks Like, Ram Narain Dubey, From Relapsed to Redeemed; and many more!

The Launch:

Join us on Friday, 2nd of August at 7pm at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre for the launch of this series!

The Good Author Series will be launched by none other than A Good Space’s founding curator, Anthea Ong. She will be holding her first SO(U)L Session based on her first book, 50 Shades of Love. With a book cover made of wood, Anthea bares all in three parts – memoir, life coaching and tree stories.

With each shade, she plays with her beliefs that love is a continuum, a gradient of shades, and that one must sometimes look at love differently in order to find it. It is with this in mind that she created the SO(U)L Sessions as part of A Good Space’s Good Author Series. Why “SO(U)L”? Through these sessions, Anthea wants to challenge you to look deeper within yourself (U) to find the shades of love (SOL) that have been hidden.

What can you learn from your past experiences, and how can you use what you have learnt going forward? Like a tree’s annual rings that adds on with each passing year, we grow within an ever-changing environment that affects how we live, and what we live through. How often do we pause to reflect on the path of life that we have travelled on? We have all had vastly different life experiences, and yet, one thing connects us all: our common humanity.

The main objective of the SO(U)L Sessions is for you to learn more about yourself and others surrounding our common love for humanity and life. We want to generate deeper, more human conversations with others, while linking our discussions to mental resilience, and the environment, two social issues Anthea has championed through her book project.

Beyond conversation, Anthea will also guide you in writing your own personal shorts based on her prompts in her book, so you can create your own life story and memoir.

If “life can only be understood backwards; but it [sic] must be lived forwards.” as Kierkegaard famously said, then the SO(U)L Session is the pause in the middle of the journey, a chance for you to catch your breath, look back and understand.

50 Shades of Love will be a helpful companion for you to get the most out of the SO(U)L Sessions! If you do not own a book, you can find them at:
- TIMES bookstores
- KINOKUNIYA online and in stores
- On the 50 Shades of Love website
- On loan at NLB
- On sale on the day of the event!

All net proceeds from the book will go towards supporting Rohingya refugees. One of Anthea’s projects, Playground of Joy, is currently exploring opportunities in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh to bring our psychosocial support programmes for children and women of the community. Anthea herself is working with a school in Johor Bahru that caters to Rohingyan children.


6.30pm - 7pm: Registration
7pm - 7.30pm: Launch of Good Authors Series
7.30pm - 9.30pm: So(u)l Session

Date: Friday, 2nd August 2019
Time: 7pm - 9.30pm (registration begins at 6.30pm)
Venue: National Volunteer Philanthropy Centre, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-88, S059817

About A Good Space:

This event is co-hosted with A Good Space – where changemakers flourish as a community to imagine and create experiences that expand perspectives across diverse social issues.

From Poverty Simulations to a Feast with Seniors, come learn about a wide range of social issues through innovative activities. To learn more and join the community, visit their website at: agoodspace.org

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